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MGPTS.jpg Vestibule fitted to an MGPTS Medium

The TEMPER vestibule is designed to interface with a variety of tents such as the TEMPER, the MGPTS, the Modular Command Post as well as several other newer generation tents.

  • The TEMPER Vestibule is not a tent in and of itself although in a pinch it can be set up free standing. It is designed to interface with other tents to provide a sheltered entrance or additional blackout protection.
  • At East Wind, the vestibule finds a number of uses. If additional stowage space is required, adding a vestibule gives, in effect, a large walk in closet to stash stuff in. If a squad has a female troop that wants to stay with the squad but needs some privacy adding a vestibule handles the problem quite well. If you want to interlink a pair of neighboring tents, the TEMPER vestibule will bridge the gap with ease.

Selecting a Vestibule

TEMPER Vestibules are an expensive option unless you manage to find a deal on one but are frequently worth the hassle. Nothing much ever goes wrong with them, the fabric sections are small and are not particularly prone to damage. The frames are the tougher part to get since shipping them can be cost prohibitive owing to their legnth, fabric sections are much easier to get since they can be sourced off of Ebay and shipped in at a reasonable price.

Components required to put up a TEMPER Vestibule

3 Frame sections.

1 Fabric section.

1 Door Section

8 eve stakes

6 Guy line stakes (minimum 12 inch)

Vestibule_Frame.JPG Vestibule Frame Section

Vestibule_Fabric.jpg Vestibule Fabric Sections