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Please note that these pages are not related to Operation East Wind but are instead intended as example pages for an unrelated work project. For those of you visiting the wiki here for the work related example ignore the side bar, we are just using my web based Wiki software as an example. The goal here is not to create actual tech documentation but rather to show how a collaborative Wiki based tech doc system could be used to both create a single point of entry into tech documentation as well as show how collaborative tools can allow end users to incorporate lessons learned into documentation.

Rather than take specific examples from the project we are working on, I will instead create an example page structure based off of the concept of how we would organize line documentation if our line consisted of a truck, pulling a trailer with a ski boat on it.

To create a page, I simply start off with a pair of brackets then add in my text which will become the title to the page I am making and finally end it with a pair of close brackets like this *[[1999 Ford Explorer]] using the asterisk, I made it a bullet point and by simply adding additional asterisks I could make sub bullets if we needed them but for now we will keep what we are doing pretty basic.

Using these tools, I create a quick menu of the basic components of our "line". Notice how 1999 Ford Explorer is in blue and the other links are in purple? That's because while the pages have been created when the linked to them, I have only created content for the Ford Explorer page. The other pages are currently blank. Follow the link to the Explorer and we'll move on from there.