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This is required equipment for NATO U.K. Armored Infantry participants.

L85 GBBR.jpg L85A2


L85A1/2 - Rifleman

L86A2 Light Support Weapon - Support Gunner

L7A2/M240 (GPMG) - Machine Gunner

L96A1 - Designated Marksman


L1A1 (SLR) - Rifleman

L9A1 (BHP) - Sidearms only approved for HQ/support staff, machine gunners, dedicated vehicle crew, sniper/DMR and squad leaders for use during TOC duty.


Two fully charged batteries are required for AEGs. S2 can charge batteries later in the week but it is expected that, upon arrival, your batteries are already fully charged and ready to go.

The L85 is the standard infantry rifle for British troops at East Wind. You may use either the carry handle iron sights, SUSAT, or appropriate night sight. No other sights or scopes will be allowed. L85 (and by extension L86 LSW) was by 1988 the standard rifle however many units still carried the venerable SLR. By this point the SLRs were ragged but still much loved due to the poor reliability of the A1 versions of the L85. The L1A1 was not phased out of service until 1991. While the L1A1 is approved just be aware that the L85 is the preferred weapon for riflemen and having commonality of mags with your section is highly desirable. Also, the L7A2 GPMG, which is nominally still in service today, would be a perfectly acceptable weapon for the East Wind timeframe.

As always, research the foibles and problems with which ever AEG/GBBR you select.



The ICS is the L85A2 version and a good, reliable out of the box AEG.

The G&G L85A1 or Army L85A1. The Army L85A1 is a G&G clone for half the price. Be prepared to do the V2 piston mod on either of them to make these reliable and easier to repair. G&Gs can be a bit finicky, it is recommended that you immediately disable the AEG blowback system so that it doesn't drop into the gearbox when, not if, it breaks and destroys the gearbox along with it.

WE makes a GBBR L85 if you prefer gas blow back guns. Research the durability mods for these particular models and also be aware that gas guns in very cold conditions will have PSI issues.

L86A2 – Light Support Weapon by ICS is a very solid AEG if you favor the close support gunner role.

L86A2 LSW.jpg L86A2

L1A1 – King Arms and STAR are the only two makers of the L1A1. Be aware that King Arms and STAR mags are not interchangeable. FAL mags are not interchangeable with the SLR mags either. Lastly, STAR L1A1s do not fire full-auto without modification. The FAL is not the same as the L1A1 and is NOT an acceptable alternative. The Sight Infantry Trilux (SUIT) scope may be used only with correct mounting system.

L1A1 SLR.jpg L1A1

Optics – Completes the look for the L85/6 but not necessary, SUSAT scope. The better ones will feature a pillar sight. These are a hinderance in an airsoft range fight.

SUSAT.jpg SUSAT sight

Also approved is the Kite night vision optic.

Kite sight.jpg "L8A2"

Squad Machine Gun

L7A2/M240 (GPMG)- This is the work horse of the section attack. No scopes or electronic sighting systems of any sort may be used except for a properly attached period night vision optic. The bipod must remain attached, and no other modifications or variations will be allowed: no shorty versions, rail systems, etc. will be allowed.

◦Both Echo and Trigger Happy make useful M240 AEGs. ◦There are guides for making the M240 look like the GPMG, which is preferable to using an unmodified M240, but not required. Check out this site for an easy to follow guide on making the M240 look like the GPMG.


Marksman's Weapons

L96- Is for use in the Designated Marksman Role. You will only be allowed to fill this position if you've been to two prior East Wind events or are a graduate of either the British Army Sniper school or the US military equivalent. The sniper rifle may only be brought in addition to an individual weapon (such as an L85 or GPMG) since not every mission is an ideal sniper rifle mission.

L96 DM.jpg L96


L9A1 Browning HP pistol – Sidearms are only approved for HQ/support staff, machine gunners, dedicated vehicle crew, sniper/DMR and squad leaders for use during TOC duty. A holster is required, the recommended holster is the P58. If you elect to use the PLCE holster it must have both the retaining strap and top flap installed.

HiPowerInglis.jpg L9A1

The closest airsoft gun visually to the L9A1 is the MKIII pattern, not the M35 pattern but either is acceptable.

L9A1 (MKIII) and holster.jpg MkIII with P58 Holster

PLCE holster 1.jpg PLCE Holster