U.K. Body Armor

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This is required equipment for NATO U.K. Armored Infantry participants.


Flak mk1.jpg Frag vest Mk1

CBA mk1.jpg CBA Mk1


Improved Northern Ireland Combat Body Armour Mk-2 (INICBA)

Fragmentation Protective VEST MK-1

Combat Body Armour Mk-1 (CBA)


70’s era – Fragmentation Protective VEST MK-1

80’s era - Improved Northern Ireland Combat Body Armour Mk-2 (INICBA)

90’s era – CBA Mk-1

This is a required item for EW even though troops not assigned to Northern Ireland typically did not wear any sort of body armour; however, as a safety item for working around armoured vehicles with lots of heavy plate and pokey things it’s a nice addition. If you can’t find the correct Kevlar inserts a filler material is acceptable. It is recommended that you select something that won't retain water as a filler material.

Body armour is worn under the smock so that you can still get to the items in your smock without opening the armour.