U.K. Issue DPM Pattern Rain Gear

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This is required equipment for NATO U.K. Armored Infantry participants.

UK wet weather.jpg


DPM Goretex jacket

DPM Goretex trousers

Approved: (not recommended)

Rubberized PVC DPM wet weather jacket

Rubberized PVC DPM wet weather trousers


Goretex was hard to come by in the supply chain. It was highly coveted but only limited amounts were made available initially. It was originally considered specialist clothing and was routed to the SAS, RM, SBS, etc. The rest of the Forces were issued with crinkly nylon based wet weather gear or later PVC rubberized wet weather kit. If a squaddie could afford it he purchased his own wet weather kit in the new wonder fabric rather than suffer with the rubberized issued wet weather gear.

PVC wet weather kit is still widely available and very cheap. It is cheap because it is terrible...avoid it. You will sweat in it, no matter how cold it is and then you will be just as wet under the rain gear as you are on the outside and you will become a casualty. Save up for the Goretex kit in DPM, it will serve you much better under harsh conditions.