U.K. Issue Mk6 Kevlar Helmet

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This is required equipment for NATO U.K. Armored Infantry participants.


U.K. Mk6 ballistic helmet with DPM cover.

MK6 Helmet.jpg Mk6


The Mk6 helmet came into service in 1986. The helmet will always be worn with the DPM helmet cover. The 1st pattern helmet cover only had the horizontal elastic. All the later versions have the horizontal and vertical elastic. The 1st pattern covers are rare as a very rare thing so don’t bother looking for one.

The predecessor helmet (MKV) was a steel helmet covered in hessian scrim. Once the new issue Mk6 helmet came into service Squaddies did not scrim their helmet with anything but vegetation as needed. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it was considered terribly 70’s to hessian scrim and made it difficult to show off that you had the newest issue kit.