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This is required equipment for NATO participants.

UK clasp knife.jpgUK Clasp Knife


A pocket knife or multi-tool is required for all NATO forces participants. We do not require any specific type or brand of knife, just that you bring one along.

  • Seek utility in what you bring rather than cool factor. No matter how flashy your single blade knife it, it is just not that helpful when need to open a can compared to a much more utilitarian knife that has a can opener on it.
  • Which ever knife you bring, take the time to sharpen it and see to it that it is in good condition.
  • Should you want the UK issue equivalent; Sheffield or Rogers British Army clasp knife with or without the marlin spike.

Although less common during the East Wind era than in earlier times, many nations still issued small pocket knives to their troops. Obviously, any one of the issued knives or multi tools would be ideal.

  • Basic Swiss Army knives made by Wenger or Victorinoxare good options that are very period correct as well.