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This is required equipment for NATO U.K. Armored Infantry participants.

P58 webbing.jpg P58 Webbing

P58 webbing with roll.jpg P58 webbing with kit roll


Pattern 58 webbing




Correct load bearing equipment for the timeframe is Pattern 58.

CEFO webbing should consist of Belt, Yoke, Right and Left ammo pouch, 2 water bottle carriers, Kidney pouches (or more water bottle/utility pouches), Kit roll for wet/cold weather kit. It's canvas webbing so be sure to treat it heavily with a waterproofing agent such as canvac or nik-wax otherwise it weighs a ton when wet.

The P58 ammo pouches were designed for L1A1 mags and it was intended that boxed ammo would be stored at the bottoms of these pouches. This tall ammo pouch means that all mags sit quite low in them particularly L85 mags so be prepared to pack something in the bottoms to raise the mags up. Typically for airsoft this means BB loaders or something you need to carry but not constantly use such as boot laces, paracord, etc.

This particular set of webbing is set up with the belt D-rings pointed up so that the kit roll is attached above the kidney pouches.

PLCE (olive or DPM) is alternate acceptable webbing. Due to the relative rarity of the 1st generation of olive green PLCE the current DPM PLCE is considered an acceptable stand in. Additionally, the Irish Army still uses OG PLCE as its standard issue so you could have some luck finding it there. If you find a set of first pattern OD PLCE be aware that in typical MOD fashion these were not treated to be IR flat so they glow under NODs like any cheap nylon kit knockoffs.

PLCE.jpg PLCE webbing