U.S. Army Gore-Tex jacket

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This is required equipment for NATO U.S. Army participants.


The USGI EWCS Gore-Tex Parka is required for US Troops at East Wind. Matching Gore-Tex trousers are a wise investment as well but are not required.

  • Replica Gore-Tex Parkas are not acceptable.

Selecting your EWCS Gore-Tex Parka

  • Generally speaking, your Gore-Tex should be the same size as your BDU top. New users tend to want to go one size larger just in case but this makes for ill fitting jacket.
  • When looking at Gore-Tex in pictures or online, a good indicator of its state of wear is the condition of the black portions of the pattern. The black fades first so if you are looking at a vest that has the black mostly faded out, it is likely well worn.
  • When looking at a Gore-Tex in person,in addition to looking at the black portions of the pattern, look at the condition fabric right at the shoulders as well as the back since they get rubbed there by web gear and pack straps. If the material is slightly rough or pilled up, it will likely not work that well.
  • The overwhelming majority of what is sold as a a USGI EWCS Gore-Tex parka brand new are actually poorly made replicas. Make certain that you are buying a legit Gore-Tex with the USGI tags, not a Rothco or some other brand Chinese clone.
  • Be sure that what you are buying is an EWCS Gore-Tex Parka not the very similar looking improved rain suit. If it has a slip liner of fine nylon cloth, it is an EWCS Parka. If it has buttons on the inside, is made of a single layer of coated nylon and of course has a tag that says Improved Rain Suit then it is an improved rain suit. While experienced attendees tend to bring an improved rain suit in addition to their Gore-Tex, it is not an acceptable substitute for the Gore-Tex requirement.

448px-Gore-Tex_Tag.jpeg Tag on a USGI Gore-Tex Parka