U.S. Army Night Vision mount

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This is recommended equipment for all NATO U.S. Army participants.


Having an NVG plate already attached to your helmet means one less thing to futz around with in the dark before a night mission. While the Supply section will have mounts that can be checked out along with the NODS, care and time must be spent getting the mounting plate set up just right each time and you will soon see why just having the plate already affixed is a real time and hassle saver.

Setting up your night vision mount plate

  • Make sure that you mount it VERY securely to your helmet
  • Make sure that you are not masking your cat eye band with the rear hook from the strap.
  • Once you have access to a night vision unit, take as much time as it takes to get your plate straight and aligned such that the NOD is aligned and you are seeing the same thing with your NOD that you are seeing with your eyes unaided. Taking the time to do this really makes things like walking and driving a vehicle go a lot easier in addition to greatly reducing eye strain.