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This is required equipment for NATO U.S. Army participants.


The USGI issue ALICE pack with frame is required for US troops at East Wind.

  • You may use either the medium or the large but not the never issued small.
  • Reproduction packs or pack frames are of low quality and are not acceptable.

Selecting your ALICE pack.


  • Most attendees choose the medium size packs as they tend to carry better in the field and have ample space for what is needed on patrol.
  • Mediums were issued in both solid OD as well as woodland camouflage versions.
  • The medium is more frequently reproduced as a replica than the large so use care when shopping to avoid getting a replica.
    • Spotting a replica is generally fairly easy. Look for odd colors, poor material quality, poorly built pack frames, excessively shiny material, lack of the name pouch on the frame side and of course if it does not have the black US on the back it's probably a fake.


  • The large size pack is nearly double the size of the medium which can at times be helpful however this size comes at a cost since it protrudes a good bit further away from the users back making it somewhat more cumbersome to maneuver with and a great deal more fatiguing to wear.
  • USGI issue large ALICE packs only came in solid OD color.

Modifying your ALICE pack

Common field modifications to your ALICE pack are acceptable as long as they keep with the spirit of the event and do not use overtly modern components such as MOLLE webbing or modern camouflage patterns.

  • Many users wrap a section of glow tape around one of the frame cross members to make your pack easier to find when you are looking for it in a patrol base.
  • Another common mod is adding some cat eye material to the back flap to give the soldier behind you something to follow on dark nights in order to avoid losing members of your patrol.
  • Some users would remove the issue buckles and slides then replace them with newer style Fastex buckles.