U.S. Army Wristwatch

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This is required equipment for NATO U.S. Army participants.


A wristwatch is required for all participants. It need not be anything specific as long as it tells time and can tolerate a rough and wet environment.

  • An issue USGI watch is the ideal choice however they can be expensive. If you are looking for a USGI watch, search for either Stocker and Yale (also known as SandY as in S and Y) or Marathon.
  • The Stocker and Yale 490 watches are mechanical watches that are a very well and are popular at East Wind. They are getting tougher to find and as such are starting to cost more but given that they are maintainable, they will usually last long enough to be worth the hassle.
  • The Marathon General Purpose Quartz watch was also issued in this time frame as a "non-maintainable" watch that was intended to be discarded once the battery died. These can be occasionally found cheap with dead batteries which can be changed although it's a job best done by a jewelry store since they are somewhat tough to take apart without breaking them.
  • The General Purpose Mechanical watch uses the same Swiss made movement as the SandY 490 and is a good option as well.
  • You will likely find a myriad of other military watches as well made by Hamilton, Bulova, etc. Most are earlier era watches but would fit in just fine as well.