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This is required equipment for NATO U.S. Army participants.


The PASGT armor vest is the correct vest for US troops deployed in our time frame. It is the only acceptable armor vest and is required for US troops at East Wind.

  • Replica armor vests are not acceptable.
  • Combat Vehicle Crewman or CVC vests are not acceptable.
  • Ranger Body Armor or RBA vests are not acceptable.

Selecting your PASGT vest

  • Generally speaking, your PASGT vest should be the same size as your BDU top. New users tend to want to go one size larger just in case but this makes for ill fitting armor that can result in chafing and discomfort.
  • When looking at armor in pictures or online, a good indicator of its state of wear is the condition of the black portions of the pattern. The black fades first so if you are looking at a vest that has the black mostly faded out, it is likely well worn.
  • When looking at armor in person, look at the condition of the elastic around as well since this is also a good indicator of condition.
  • PASGT vests are among the cheapest armor vests to get but are generally not listed as "PASGT Vest" by sellers. Use search term such as "flak jacket" "Military Armor" or "bullet proof vest" (which the PASGT is not of course) when searching Ebay or Craig's List for PASGT vests.
  • Ideal price point for a PASGT vest is about $75-$100 with the bigger sizes obviously commanding a slight premium.