US Army Patrol Cap

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This is required equipment for NATO U.S. Army participants.


A U.S. Army style (NOT USMC) patrol cap is required.

  • The patrol cap is the most correct headwear when not wearing a helmet.
  • Two different patrol caps were commonly issued: A twill (winter weight) patrol cap with ear flaps for cool weather operations as well as a lighter rip stop style for hot weather use. Since temperatures at East Wind can vary greatly, consider bringing one of each.
  • You will find new/reproduction patrol caps made by a number of companies as well as original military issued ones. Without exception, the reproduction patrol caps are of inferior quality.
  • Since we will be engaging in night operations, having some cat eyes stitched onto the back of your patrol cap is helpful.
  • Booney caps are allowed but do not satisfy the requirement for a patrol cap. You must have a patrol cap.