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About Coop

Coop has lived in New Jersey all his life. He has been playing Airsoft since 2003. He does not believe in minimum engagement distances, believing airsoft is about shooting people, not having polite conversations at gunpoint. Coop has been doing this shit for too damn long. He hates children, especially most people under the age of 25. Coop is pro-abortion up to and including age 18.


Coop started playing airsoft in Edison, NJ, at an outlaw field, hidden behind apartment complexes, off the shoulder of the NJ Turnpike. While this field was very short lived, due to police intervention, it kicked off a lifetime of great memories, new friends, and thousands of dollars squandered on fake guns and expensive surplus gear. Edison, NJ: Coop with Woodland Camo, Blackhawk CQB Vest and TM MP5SD5.


2004 brought about the outlaw field at Wrightstown, NJ. On a secluded farm way out of visible sight of any neighbors and public roads, Airsoft grew up and thrived here for several years, until the land owner moved away. Coop can be seen leading a group of kids on a charge, with the same loadout as used in 2003. Wrightstown, NJ: Box Truck Down, Coop with the same Woodland Camo, Blackhawk CQB Vest, and TM MP5SD5.


Still playing at Wrightstown, Coop's loadout has begun maturing. Seen here is Coop, striking a pose while leading his team "Independent Securities Corporation", a Civilian Contractor themed team. Coop has been wearing 5.11 branded clothing daily since. Wrightstown, NJ: Early Independent Securities Corporation Gear, TM/G&P M933, Blackhawk CRCH, Tactical Tailor Pouches, MICH replica helmet, 5.11 Tactical Pants and Polo.


2006 brought about the introduction of "regional events". Large scale airsoft games calling on all participants in the surrounding states to head to a place they've never been, to slug it out over a fairly well written scenario featuring objectives and purpose for each team. Here, Coop is seen relaxing after a weekend long event up in Tolland, MA. Tolland, MA: ISC working for the Southern Island Armed Forces, DCU's and "McLoadout".


Back at Tolland, MA. Regional games take their cues from world events. Coop is trying out, and ultimately accepted to be a part of the "Mil-Sim Operators Unit", a team striving for realism, but ultimately disbanded when it's leader joins the US Army. Tolland, MA: Coop tries out for and is accepted by MSOU. Woodland Goretex, CA SCAR Light, Blackhawk CRCH, Tactical Tailor pouches.


2008 saw the opening of an outlaw field in Freehold, NJ. Another farm, far from neighbors and public roads, Low Cost "outlaw" games become the norm once again. Here Coop is seen in the gear for "Checkpoint Charlie" a team consisting of a bunch of folks that have been playing a long time, often together, but never on the same team. This is the original drinking team with an Airsoft problem. Freehold, NJ: Coop as a Support Gunner for Checkpoint Charlie, a mixture of players who should have been on the same team from the begining. SDS IBA, issue pouches, DCUs, Inokatsu RPK.


Coop took a year off in 2009, mostly because he had gone back to playing paintball and running the field at Range 14, Fort Dix, NJ. Coop no longer works there, but is still a part of the Squadron that runs the Range, and volunteers his 3rd Sunday of every month to run Airsoft games there.


With Tolland, MA closed due to a fire caused by a smoke grenade, Regional Events were few and far between, until the event hosts of Tolland started running games at the sprawling MOUT facility located in Fort Drum, NY. A bit further of a drive, but quadruple the player base, games were looked forward to, but usually filled with the usual complaints about hit calling and the usual headaches involved with fighting GMR Clones. Fort Drum, NJ: Coop overlooks the AO, waiting for the enemy to attack. ANA M91 Kamysh Tigerstripe. RusFed Issue 6sh104 "PKM" Rig. Replica Maska Helmet. Inokatsu RPK (not pictured).


While Fort Drum grew to take on the "National Event" moniker, with the likes of Operation: Irene, and Operation: Lion's Claws, Coop discovered what true Military Simulation is with Operation: East Wind. Coop's first experience was Operation: East Wind IV. Coop can no longer take things like Fort Drum seriously, when they charge $150 to shoot at people wearing tan who won't call their hits because they too paid $150 and feel entitled to win. Coop prefers Operation: East Wind, which at the time cost $200, and provided 9 days worth of Hot Food, and while slower paced, provided a significantly more enjoyable adrenalin rush, stalking around the woods at 0200, with era correct night vision, looking for an enemy that may or may not be there, compared to running into a poorly lit building, with semi auto only restrictions in effect, and shooting aforementioned tan wearing non-hit callers, and they didn't even provide you with any food! Wyandotte, OK: Operation East Wind IV. Part alternate history, complete milsim experience. Nine days of operations, living the life of a Soviet Soldier in East Germany. Soviet Webgear (4 Mag Pouch, 2 F-1 Frag Grenades, Bayonet, Canteen, Shovel) R-392 Short Range VHF Radio with Kulikov Whip Antenna. SSh68 Helmet. M88 Afghanka uniform. LCT AK74. The only thing not "era correct" are the goggles.


Coop, now living solely for the next East Wind event, does what he can to pass the time between events, schooling the locals on true Milsim, and snatching up Soviet Surplus at an untenable rate (Seriously, credit debt, lol!) Coop, rocking his "Not giving a fuck" loadout with great success!


With East Wind occurring every March, on Coop's Birthday, the rest of the year is filled with quazi-milsim events he hosts at his local field, and trying out other fields in the state, to mingle with an ever growing player base, and to scope out the competition. Coop is glad to see that Airsoft has grown so much in the last 10 years, and looks forward to the next 10 years, unless for some reason Polarstar technology becomes the norm, in which case Coop will probably only participate at East Wind events, as we all pretty much unanimously agree that there's no place for Paintball technology in our beloved hobby. Manchester, NJ: Coop securing the base at a local field. 6Sh112 Modular Rig over Russian Flora and a 6b28 Helmet.


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