WARPAC Compass

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This is required equipment for WARPAC Forces participants.

All WARPAC participants must have a Warsaw Pact compass.

  • The WARPAC uses 6000 mils, instead of 6400 mils so a NATO/US compass with make your bearings wrong.

Types of compasses

  • There are several types/styles that have been tested/used at East Wind.
  • There may be others - check with admin for approval.

Wrist compasses


  • Work for basic direction work
  • Inexpensive - but also prone to failure
  • Not suitable for much serious orienteering
  • Meet the requirement for non-leadership participants

Engineer or Marching compasses

compass.jpg East German Marching (left) or Soviet Engineer's (right)

  • These compasses are very nice and work very well.
  • They are not too expensive for their quality.
  • Required for leadership roles for plotting of lines of march
  • Can also be carried by Soldats that want to have something better than the wrist compass.