WARPAC Fuel Tablets

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This is recommended equipment for East German Grenztruppen and East German Motor Rifles participants.


In the years before MRE heaters, most nations issued some manner of tablet based fuel for soldiers to cook their rations on. These little bars are exceedingly useful both for ration heating, heating up a hot drink in the field or even just starting the wood stove in your tent back at camp.

  • While getting harder to find as stocks are beginning to dwindle in the surplus market, USGI Trioxane bars are still fairly inexpensive when you can find them.
  • There are many commercial equivalents some being better than others. Esbit is probably the most commonly available commercial fuel bar and is a solid performer.
  • You will also occasionally come across fuel gels that are marketed as replacements for tablets but these are not only poor performers but are also not particularly safe.

EG stove folding.jpg

  • An Esbit stove is recommended too. (holds cup/mess kit over the fire, so you don't have to) and East German versions are available.