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Foreign Studies

This section contains studies performed by other nations outside of East Germany and the Soviet Union, typically written during the Cold War, in an effort to train for, prepare for, and study for what was considered to be an inevitable war with the Warsaw Pact. Note that some information in these documents may be historically incorrect, but they do indicate how certain military forces and environmental factors would have impacted the way these armies engaged in combat.

Soviet Tactical Planning Factors, US Army Europe, 1989

FM 100-2-1 The Soviet Army: Operations and Tactics, US Army 1984

FM 100-2-2 The Soviet Army: Specialized Warfare and Rear Support, US Army 1984

FM 100-2-3 The Soviet Army: Troops, Organization, and Equipment, US Army 1991

Blinding the Enemy: Soviet Tactical Reconnaissance in the Rear Area, US Army 1989

Soviet and Warsaw Pact Military Journals, CIA 1961-1986

AD-A208 121 Analyzing Soviet Intentions: A Short Guide to Soviet Military Literature, Center for Naval Analyses 1989

NI IIM 85-10013 Soviet Planning and Capability for Protracted Nuclear War, CIA 1986

The Soviet Motorized Rifle Company, DIA October 1976