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This is required equipment for NATO Canadian Forces participants.


The Canadian Sleeping Bag System (Liner, Inner, Outer, and Rooster Hood) is required equipment for Canadian Forces troops at East Wind. The Gore-Tex bivy is optional but strongly recommended.

Notes on the Canadian Sleep System

The Goretex Bivy Bag did not come into service until the mid 90's and due to it's expense at the time it was often regarded as not only a new piece of snivel kit to keep you warm and dry, but also the one kit item apart from your rifle that you'd be strung up by your toes if you ever lost it.

The Rooster Hood was issued with all sleeping bag systems. However, not everyone used it. Many guys would not be caught dead wearing the Rooster Hood as it's hideous and therefore laughable appearance was perhaps second only to the issued (prescription "Birth Control" glasses). For others it was too hot. For heater snakes though - it was (and still is) a prized item of comfort leaving only your mouth exposed to the cold fresh air while the rest of you remained toasty warm inside your fart sack.