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The Canadian Armed Forces unit at East Wind will be the (fictional) 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion as part of one of Canada's (fictitiously) revived "Pacific and Atlantic" Battalions. The 2 Can Inf Bn is a composite unit of Army Reserve units, comprised of the (fictional) South Manitoba Rifle and Loyal Alberta Light Infantry Regiments.

Historically the Canadian Forces did not have a presence in West Berlin, but they did have troops stationed in West Germany. Nevertheless, had the Canadian Government of the time committed to sending an expeditionary force to support the Berlin Brigade, then it's not likely they would have weakened their existing formations deployed in West Germany to do so - especially since West Berlin wasn't expected to survive an all-out assault by the forces of the Warsaw Pact.

Instead, honouring a tradition of sacrificing soldiers’ lives for political expediency more poignantly known from places like Hong Kong in 1941 and Dieppe in 1942 - the Canadian Government would have most likely offered up the 2 Can Inf Bn as a gallant gesture of solidarity with their NATO allies and their American cousins in particular.

The 2 Can Inf Bn is based on light infantry units which lack heavy weapons and armour and have a reduced vehicle footprint. Light infantry units also lack the lethality, tactical mobility and survivability of heavy units, but they possess greater operational mobility and can execute missions under restrictive terrain and weather that their mechanized counterparts aren't able to. Light infantry forces typically rely on their ability to operate under poor conditions, surprise, violence of action, training, stealth, field craft, and fitness level of the individual soldier to address their reduced lethality. Ironically, forces in a light unit will normally carry heavier individual loads versus their mechanized counterparts as they must carry everything they require to fight, survive and win without the aid of vehicles. As a member of 2 Can Inf Bn everything you carry into battle is either on your back in your hands or it wasn't that critical to the mission in the first place.

The 2 Can Inf Bn is attached to the U.S. 315 RRC and responsible for providing security and combat patrols in support. The 2 Can Inf Bn is also a well trained and well disciplined unit that uses small teams and has the ability to carry out any mission that the Berlin Brigade tasks them with. As a member of the 2 Can Inf Bn you will always take pride in aggressively carrying out your role to "close with and destroy the enemy". You will usually be beyond help, outnumbered and only too happy to take the fight to the enemy as needed.

Back home, years of declining public support and budget cuts to the Department of National Defence mean you will also have the privilege of doing all of this with largely outdated or non-existent equipment. Needless to say, you will already be used to doing more with less and smiling in the face of adversity.


Each individual attending Operation East Wind as a Canadian Forces soldier is required to be an actual Canadian Citizen and required to have all of the equipment listed on this page before they will be allowed entry to the field. Click on the name of each item for more details, and photos. There will be an inspection when you sign in. If you have questions, or are having trouble sourcing some items, please contact us:

While some of the equipment on the list may not seem to have immediate value, it is not just for the sake of realism or re-enacting. All the equipment is designed to work as a system, with other people's gear, and with the heavy equipment we provide.


Before being sure you have all of this stuff, be sure to read the list of items that you cannot bring.

Required Equipment:

Recommended Equipment:

Other Equipment

  • Bringing a tent to Operation East Wind? Read our tent policies here.
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