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This is required equipment for East German Grenztruppen and East German Motor Rifles participants.

All East German participants are required to bring an appropriate Kalashnikov airsoft rifle. AEGs or Gas airsoft rifles are acceptable as long as they meet the FPS limits and have the correct external appearance.

  • Does not need to be modified with East German real steel furniture.

Variants and Options

  • East German Forces for our target time frame were armed primarily with the MPi-KM-72 or MPi-KMS-72 series rifles. This version was a completely East German made AK.

Mpikms72.jpg Motor Rifle.jpg

Unmodified replicas

  • Most any AEG or Gas AKM with wood furniture is acceptable for East German participants
    • LCT makes a wood furniture AKM in complete AEG and as a kit
    • CYMA model CM048M, CM036 and CM036A work as well
    • GHK makes a gas blowback wood furniture AKM

Lct akm.jpg

Modified replicas

  • Real steel East German furniture is available - though getting more expensive.
  • Minimal work needed to fit hand guards.
  • Little more work required to fit the full stocks.
  • Only the GHK gas blowback variants can take a real East German pistol grip

East german furn stock.jpg

Folding stock variants

  • The AIMS variants available make a perfect base.
    • LCT,G&G,VFC and CYMA all make AEG AIMS variants.
      • LCT and G&G versions have the more correct lever stock release.
      • Button stock release is acceptable to use as well for East Wind.
    • GHK makes a gas blowback AIMS versions and it has the lever stock release.
  • Only the hand guards need to be replaced on the AIMS variants.
  • Pistol grip can be swapped for one with color closer to original East German versions but not required.


Fixed stock variants

  • LCT AKM, CYMA CM048M or GHK AKM make good bases.
  • A guide to conversion can be found on the East Wind forum

AEG MPI KM72.jpg