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This is required equipment for NATO West German Bundeswehr participants.


All West German attendees are required to have a military flashlight with colored lens filters. Reproduction or commercial flashlights are not acceptable.

  • An original German box light such as the one pictured is the ideal although any number of other military flashlights would be acceptable including the USGI angle head light. The issue German box lights are very simple and reliable lights that also happen to clip easily to the German uniforms and parkas. They use common D-cell batteries and share consumable parts such as bulbs with many commercial U.S. lights so parts are not hard to source. Equally good would be any other Euro box light but keep in mind that many of them use a 4.5 volt battery that can be somewhat troublesome to locate in the USA but they are easily converted to AA batteries by adding in a AA battery box from Radio Shack. They are also fairly easily converted to LED using a 4.5 - 6 volt LED conversion bulb making them a very long running and efficient light.
  • If searching overseas or on your search terms are "Taschenlampe bw"