Food Sufficient to Feed Yourself 2 Meals Each Day

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Unlike past East Wind events, this year we will not be utilizing the field kitchens to feed attendees. We will provide each attendee with 1 USGI or Canadian Forces equivalent MRE meal per day with the understanding that each attendee will be responsible for the remainder of his or her food requirements. If you choose to prepare foods and use cookware you'll need to bring along cleaning supplies to keep any pots/pans and dishes clean and sanitary.

Choosing the best food options for you

The most obvious solution to the individual attending East Wind is to simply bring along more MREs to satisfy the balance of their food needs. This is of course a good option but tends to lead to a somewhat monotonous food experience. Bringing a variety of foods that can be prepared both back in the main camp area as well as forward in the field is a better option. The best option yet is to coordinate with the other members of your squad and plan squad sized meals either in a field "pot luck" manner or simply delegating responsibility for certain days meals to certain people to split the load up. Avoid simply packing a duffle bag full of candy and snacks, we have a pretty serious pace of operations out there, you'll need real food to keep up.