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The U.K. Armored Infantry unit at East Wind is the fictional 12th Albion Lancers, a light armored cavalry unit that is part of the British Army of the Rhine, on rotation to support the British Berlin Infantry Brigade.

You will fight primarily in light armored vehicles.

You will conduct mounted patrols both within friendly lines and deep into enemy territory. You will be tired, you will be bruised, you will be sore, but you will have an experience unlike any other. Forward as one...

Each individual attending as a U.K. Armored Vehicle Crew is required to have all of the equipment listed on this page before they will be allowed entry to the field. Click on the name of each item for more details, and photos. There will be an inspection when you sign in. If you have questions, or are having trouble sourcing some items, please contact us.

While some of the equipment on the list may not seem to have immediate value, it is not just for the sake of realism or re-enacting. All the equipment is designed to work as a system, with other people's gear, and with the heavy equipment we provide.

Before being sure you have all of this stuff, be sure to read the list of items that you cannot bring.

Required Kit:

Recommended Kit:

Other Equipment

  • Bringing a tent to Operation East Wind? Read our tent policies here.
  • Bringing a heater to Operation East Wind? Read our heater policies here.
  • Bringing a vehicle to Operation East Wind? Read our vehicle policies here.