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This is required equipment for NATO U.S. Army participants.

Weapon Rules

All weapons will be checked during the check in process and no inappropriate weapons will be admitted to the event even as backups or parts.

Weapon rules are set in stone. We will make no exceptions to them.


M16a1.jpg M16A1

M16a2.jpg M16A2

The standard infantry rifle for US troops will be the M-16A1 or A2 rifle. All US Army troops attending East Wind will be required to have an approved M16 series rifle.

  • We will accept any full sized M-16 rifle (including the A3 and A4) with a carry handle installed the entire time and standard M-16A2 type handguards in issued configuration.
  • No add-on rails, optical sights, or other customized parts or accessories will be allowed. See information below for acceptable grenade launchers.
  • Do not spraypaint your gun in camouflage colors. It must have the gray/black finish as it had when it left the factory.
  • For a support unit during our time frame a very common modification was an M16A1 rifle fitted with the newer A2 style hand guards and birdcage flash hider.

Neither the M-14 nor the M-4 are acceptable for East Wind.

Precision Rifles

The M-24 is the period appropriate marksman's rifle for East Wind.

  • M-24s are allowed ONLY for attendees who have already attended 2 prior East Wind events or have graduated US Army or US Marines sniper school.
  • All accessories used with the M-24 must at least look like the correct equipment. This includes the scope, spotting scope, bipod, dragbag, etc.
  • All attendees bringing an M24 rifle must also bring a standard M16 series rifle as well.

The M-21 is not acceptable for East Wind.

Grenade Launchers

M16A2_M203_00.jpg M16A2 with M203 and proper handguards

The M-203 is the correct grenade launcher for US troops. It must be mounted to the M-16 rifle (as shown above) using the correct handguards and mounting hardware.

  • The M-79 grenade launcher is not allowed.
  • No other variants of the M-203 (such as the short M-203PI, rail-mounted versions, or adapters to fire it off the rifle) will be allowed.
  • No other grenade launchers of any sort will be allowed.
  • ICS TAG grenades are allowed at East Wind.

Squad Automatic Weapons and Machine Guns


Acceptable Squad Automatic weapons are:

  • M249 series weapons
  • M60 series weapons
  • M240 series weapons

M249_mk2.jpg M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

M60.jpg M60 General Purpose Machine Gun

M240B.JPG M240B Medium Machine Gun

  • No scopes, rails, non-standard stocks, or customized parts will be allowed.
  • Do not paint your machine gun in camouflage colors.
  • All attendees who are bringing squad automatic weapons or machine guns must also bring a standard M16 series rifle as well.

The M2HB .50 caliber Machine Gun will also be allowed, but is clearly not an individual weapon. It must be employed from an appropriate ground tripod or vehicle mount.


M9.jpg M9 or Beretta 92FS

M1911a1.jpg M1911A1

The Beretta M9 is the correct handgun for US troops.

The M1911A1 is an acceptable alternative.

  • Handguns are only allowed for HQ/support staff, Support Weapon Gunners, Dedicated Vehicle crew, Sniper/DMR or Squad leaders (for use as a duty weapon)
  • Only stock, unmodified 1911A1 configurations are allowed. No custom parts, no chrome, no Colt commanders, no double stack mags on the 1911.
  • The Beretta model 92FS is the commercial version of the M9 and is an acceptable alternative if only that is available.
  • Handguns must be in original, as issued color. No chrome, stainless or painted versions. Only grips of the original style are allowed.
  • Handguns must be carried in USGI holsters.
  • No other handguns are allowed.