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Operation East Wind is set in the DDR (East Germany) specifically the area surrounding the enclave of West Berlin. As a Warsaw Pact soldier in this time frame you would be finding yourself surrounded by a period of great flux. You are most likely a draftee serving your mandatory 2 years of military service, it is entirely likely that you are not getting paid regularly, there is considerable strife, economic hardship, and grumbling both here and at home. That said, you are a soldier; you have spent your entire life preparing for the time when you may be called upon to defend your homeland against the West. The facade of Communism may be cracking but you are here to hold it up by sheer force of will if need be.

We appreciate your interest in attending on behalf of the WARPAC forces, and defending democracy for the free peoples of Germany. Before committing to attend, be sure to consider and plan for each of these factors:

Germany divided.jpg
  • Schedule – Make sure you can attend. East Wind takes place over nine days in mid to late March. It is designed to align with the most common Spring Break times, but not everyone's is the same, and those who work cannot always get time off. Make your requests now.
  • Transport – Make sure you can get to the event. The location is D-Day Adventure Park in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. We get attendees from far and wide, so check on the forums, or start your own thread, and arrange carpooling or convoying.
  • Payment – Make sure you can pay for the event, and if you don't have lots of spare cash, then start setting aside money for it. Deposit dates and fees will be detailed shortly, so check back.
  • Rules – Read the entire list of rules & regulations for East Wind. While you may think you know everything about airsoft, you will be required to abide by the spirit and the letter of each and every rule, both to preserve the milsim experience for everyone else, and for the safety of all players. Do not assume this is legal fine print, and ignore it. Read every word of the rules and decide if you can live up to them.
  • Role – Select the nationality and unit you will join. These are listed on this page, so scroll down to review them all. Review the equipment requirements, and begin purchasing the equipment you need for your selected unit.

Attending East Wind

Attending as a full experience participant means that you are committing to joining the event and staying in the combat environment 24/7 for the duration of your attendance whether that be the full 9 days or a shorter time commitment.

You will be fully supported by the event logistics. Special equipment such as night vision, flares, strobes, mines, etc. may be checked out from the supply section as needed for missions.

As an attendee, you will live, eat, sleep, fight and brush your teeth in an immersive combat environment. That means no lunch breaks, no going to the motel at night.

  • 24 hours a day.
  • Regardless of weather.
  • Facing off against a foe that is just as dedicated and wily as you are.

Enlist today!

Space is limited. Enter your registration & payment information now to reserve your spot.

When registering, you will be asked to select from one of the nationalities, and roles below. Remember that you will be living the role you select for the duration of your attendance at East Wind. Choose something you think you will find most challenging and interesting. The more you put into this kind of thing, the more you get out of it.


East German Border Guards (Grenztruppen)

One of the two East German units at Operation East Wind, the Grenztruppen form a unit of the DDR Borderguards. They are the eyes and ears, responsible for protecting the borders of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) from any NATO aggression, while both regulating the flow between the iron curtain and protecting the home front. They were quite literally on the "front line" of what could be a war with NATO should the Cold War "heat up", given their close proximity to the border…
Read more and see the list of required and suggested equipment, before paying fees and committing to attend East Wind.


East German Motor Rifles (Mot.-Schützen)

The second type of East German unit at Operation East Wind is a unit of National Volks Armee (NVA) Motorisierte Schützen (Motor Rifles). Members of the Motor Rifles will act as mechanized infantry, riding into battle before dismounting to push back the NATO aggressors. The NVA was considered to be the most advanced and well supplied military force in the Warsaw Pact (WARPAC). They were on the "front line" of what could be a war with NATO should the Cold War "heat up." Thus the maintained a constant state of combat readiness should war break out...
Read more and see the list of required and suggested equipment, before paying fees and committing to attend East Wind.


Soviet Reconnaissance Troops

The Soviet unit at East Wind will be the (fictional) 7 Rota, 5 IRB (7th Company of the 5th Independent Reconnaissance Battalion). Soviet Independent Reconnaissance units were the "eyes and ears" of the division. They were more lightly armed/armored and were meant to swiftly locate points of initiative along fronts and either exploit or hold them....
Read more and see the list of required and suggested equipment, before paying fees and committing to attend East Wind.