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Welcome to the Operation: East Wind WARPAC Training center. Here you will find a myriad of training documents designed to assist both East German Genossen (Comrades) and Soviet Tovarishi (Comrades) in better preparing their mind and body for the demands of a truly unique military simulation (milsim) experience.

Operation: East Wind offers challenges unlike what you will find at any other airsoft or reenactment event. In fact, the event can be described as a combination of both full-immersion re-enactment, living the life of a young, military aged mail of your preferred nationality (East German or Soviet), and the most physically demanding Airsoft operation you have ever been involved in. As such, a primary focus of our training is to prepare you for the parts of this event that are different from other events. We do not seek to train you to fight, to a certain degree, we are willing to assume that if you are serious enough to attend East Wind, you've probably got a lot of that stuff locked down, and if not, no worries, we can give you an Airsoft crash course too. Our training is geared toward the other, more important parts of a military engagement. It is not simply a matter of knowing how to operate your weapon, but easily overlooked parts you don't normally get to do at a single day Airsoft or re-enacting event, such as: surviving the trek to the enemy, what to do when you get there, what to do after you've made contact, and surviving the trip back to camp to do it again at a moments notice.

Some time is generally spent in the beginning part of the event with individual units working on tactics and drills to make sure that everyone is on the same page. What we instead are seeking to do here is provide resources that will help you be adapted to the specific environment you will find yourself in at Operation: East Wind. Please work your way through the following tome of information, collected from a combination of real world sources, reference and training manuals, and real world experiences. Read up, watch the videos, pay attention, get out and practice. Veterans of Operation: East Wind will assure you, 0200, three miles from base, in the middle of a snow storm is not the time to figure out that you do not know night land navigation.

Training Event Schedule

Hands on experience is the best way to get much of this really stuck in your brain. There is no way to learn like actually hiking through the woods in the dark, leading a patrol to an objective or tuning a radio.

In fact, certifications are given for various skill sets. Without them, you cannot do certain tasks, like operate a radio at East Wind. To get the most out of your experience, please plan on attending at least the basic training events listed. And for those who are already experienced, we are making arrangements to add more challenges to your training. If you think you know the skill set, just tell us, and we'll give you a special surprise.

Before attending any training, please review the relevant materials in the training library below, along with the following course descriptions:

WARPAC Communications Systems Introduction

WARPAC Light Leadership Course

WARPAC Basic Warrior Course

Please check our Forums "Other East Wind Related Events" Section (http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?board=10.0) for additional information on upcoming Training Events. Note that most training events are not Nation specific to any side. A NATO Land Nav or Communications Training course, for example, would be more beneficial than not attending training at all. Most training courses are also tailored to accommodate all participants, no matter which nation you are portraying at Operation: East Wind.

Training Library

The Operation: East Wind WARPAC Training Center offers a variety of information designed to help participants get the most out of their East German Mot.-Schützen (Motorized Rifle Infantry), Grenztruppen (Border Guard) or Soviet Recon Company impression. Most of this information is gained from a combination of actual East German and Soviet field manuals and first hand field experience. By putting all of these sources together, we are able to provide you an in depth explanation of tactics and techniques to help you get the most from your Operation: East Wind experience.

Just like in an actual military, soldiers must demonstrate the successful completion of core skills prior to being assigned to a unit or being deployed. You are strongly encouraged to absorb as much information here as possible, to better prepare yourself for conditions out in the field, and your upcoming deployment. This training section is no substitute for real world hands on training, but "having read how to do something" is better than "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Tier 1 - Basic Training

Read, understand, and master all of the skills in this section prior to advancing to the next tier!

Tier 1 - Basic Training presents, what the event Administrators feel, is the core knowledge and skills needed by all East German and Soviet participants to ensure everyone is doing their part to contribute to the success of the mission. Know and understand everything in the following chapters before proceeding to your Country's specific training page. Be able to demonstrate your knowledge of these subjects. Be able to teach others so that everyone in your squad may return to camp alive and with the mission accomplished.

Soldier Duties

This section will attempt to break you of "American" styles and ways of doing things. We can't help it. Most of us grew up here. For a fact, the East Germans and Soviets did things different than the US. If you're serious about attending as an East German or Soviet participant, you have some bad habits we must break, while introducing you to new and different ways of accomplishing the same thing as your NATO counterparts.

WARPAC Troop Tent Guide - Established norms for internal tent layout and personal space management.

WARPAC Boot Polishing Guide - Not just for looking good, essential for dry feet!

WARPAC Customs and Courtesies - Crash course on interacting with East German and Soviet Officers, Senior Enlisted, and the Cook Staff.

WARPAC Expectations - A guide to what to expect, and what others expect out of you, at Operation: East Wind.


All of the weapon training, packed rucks, and loaded magazines will not do you any good if you cannot bring them to bear on the enemy! This section will attempt to introduce the basics of Map Reading, Compass usage, and Day & Night Land Navigation.

WARPAC Style Maps - Presentation on reading and using Soviet style maps.

WARPAC Fighting Positions - A Primer on fortifying and making cover.

WARPAC Compasses - A guide to using the Wrist and "Artillery" Compasses of the Soviet Union and the "NVA Kompaß" of East Germany.

Soviet Map Symbols - Reference guide on symbols encountered on a Soviet styled Map.

Soviet Map Symbols 2 - US Army 1959 Reference guide on symbols encountered on a Soviet styled Map.

WARPAC Land Navigation - Combining the Map, Compass, and terrain details to get from point A to point B.

WARPAC Movement Formations - Diagrams of Soviet formations of movement

WARPAC Parallel Ambush - Description of a very common and effective Soviet tactic.

WARPAC React to Contact - What to do when you encounter the enemy or are ambushed.

Pre-Deployment Education

This section will prepare you for your deployment to East Germany, and Event Administrators expectations of you during the course of the event.

WARPAC What not to do at East Wind - A guide on preserving immersion for yourself and those around you.

The Average WARPAC Soldier - How to be you at Operation East Wind.

WARPAC Know your Enemy - NATO Infantry Recognition Guide

WARPAC Know your Enemy 2 - NATO Vehicle Recognition Guide

WARPAC Know your Enemy 3 - NATO Equipment and Gear Guide

Establishing Camp

Before anybody can go anywhere and accomplish any mission, the East German and Soviet camps need to be established. This section will provide information on how to build the camp and get operational as soon as possible to get the most out of your deployment to East Germany.

WARPAC Commo Shelter = Shelter, Electrical Equipment GRC-46EB, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Manual.

WARPAC Camp Layout Which tent goes where? - Basic Layout of a Warpac Camp.

WARPAC Camp Setup What goes in each tent? - A rough guide to available equipment and where it lives for 9 days.


The Soviets had a very involved and very in-depth planning stage prior to jumping off on any sort of mission. The following guides elaborate on the Soviet use of Combat Orders, to provide relevant information to thier troops in preparation for a mission.

WARPAC Warning Order - What to do to prepare for a mission briefing.

WARPAC Combat Orders (COMORD) Lesson and Example

WARPAC COMORD Template - Blank Template

WARPAC Pre-Combat Inspection - Essential for mission success.

WARPAC Debrief - What goes on when you come back from a mission.


Basic Communications for all East German and Soviet troops. See RTO Training of your specific Nation's training page for additional information if you are interested in being a Radiotelephone Operator.

WARPAC Commo Wire Primer - Guide to running hard wired field phone communication networks in a combat environment.

WARPAC Camp Antenna - Assembly and deployment guide

Medevac Requests

It is inevitable that someone will ultimately come up against an enemy that has the high ground or tactical advantage in a particular situation. Fortunately for you, you survived the encounter unscathed, however, a member or members of your section have not. These instructions must be followed precisely to get proper evacuation of the wounded and deceased out from your fighting position and back to a hospital far behind enemy lines. (NOTE: IN-EVENT "WOUNDS" AND "KILLS" HERE, NOT REAL WORLD INJURIES, STOP PLAY AND CONTACT AN EVENT ADMIN IMMEDIATELY FOR ALL SERIOUS REAL WORLD INJURIES!)

WARPAC Medevac Request Lesson - Complete run through, blank template, and examples.

Military Science

The Soviets viewed war from a higher level "complex math problem" point of view. Much of this training and doctrine was passed on to other Warpac nations in an effort to get everyone working on the same page. Given the numbers, knoweldge of the environment, factors such as moon visibility, night vision capabilities, and the amount of ammunition everyone in a section is carrying, Soviets can figure out if a particular engagement can be won with the resources on hand. Learn about this "numbers of war" in this section.

Soviet Combat Norms - Numbers and formulas for calculating victory.

Additional Tiers: Nation Specific Training Section

Once you have mastered the above basic competencies, please click on your Nation's flag to enter your Nation's specific Training Page. Each page is catered specifically to your particular Nation's unique training needs, information, and reference pages.


WARPAC Training - East German Training


WARPAC Training - Soviet Training